Demo 2007

by 1000 Miles Ahead

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First demo as 1000 Miles Ahead. We made 2 runs, 50pcs in red, 50 in blue, all sold out!


released July 1, 2007

words & music by 1000 Miles Ahead
Gijs - vocals
Tom - guitars & vocals
Jasper - bass
Sander - drums
Casper - guitars

Mixed and recorded by Michiel Toenink @ Metropool - Hengelo, The Netherlands, May 2007.


all rights reserved



1000 Miles Ahead Nijmegen, The Netherlands

1000 Miles Ahead played all over Europe between March 2006 and October 2009.

We had a blast and hope you did too!

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Track Name: Aimless
Tired, but never asleep
I face the daylight and I try, to live a brand new day
Falling, out of grace
The love I once had is gone and born without a face

So this is my final call
Your sweet voice can’t be denied at all
I refused to hear you out
Your just another face within the crowd

I blame myself
For all those times
All that I am
Is aimless for now

Growing, apart from you
I am sure I’ll find my way out and make it on my own
Dazed and confused
My mind is broken but you, can never bring me down

So this is my final call
Your sweet voice can’t be denied at all
I refused to hear you out
Your just another face inside the crowd
Track Name: Victims of Crime
Check one: we start a war
Forgotten and ignored
Check two: we’re no better then
America and their fucking friends

Freedom was in our hands
Though we mistreated them
By incorrupt regimes
Repressing freedom dreams

We’re proud of our history
Still we’re to blind to see
And we will not admit
Massdestruction, crimes comitted

So we are closing our eyes, for the tears that we’ve shed, and we cover our past, with the blood that they bled. Thought we are so naive, for the crimes we’ve comit, in mistreating the weak and enriching the rich.

But we’re no better then, our American friends, terrorizing the poor and creating a war. No we’re no better then, our American friends, terrorizing the poor and creating a war.

Now times have changed for worse
We’re no better then Americans
Who drop their bombs on innocent
We’ve strayed our way to darker times
History filled with dead-end crimes
Now times have changed for worse

We are never ashamed
For all the power we’ve obtained
Blue skies are painted black
We have lost all respect

Indian summers fade to grey
They hate our guts today
I’ll take a stand for them
Those refused the message send

Victims of crime 3x
Track Name: Burning Hearts, Breaking Waves
A summerbreeze in the air tonight
Fully dark but the moon shines bright yeah
The golden beach reflects the sky
And time is on our side

The party lasts till the brake of dawn
We keep rocking never felt so strong and
The calm sound of surf at night
Makes everything all right

Tonight everything changes
Tonight everything goes (ohhh)

We’re restless youth in time and age
There was no panic and there is no rage
We feel like kings of rock & roll
This life is in control

How much we love this sunshine state
California makes us coming back for
Burning hearts and and breaking waves
How much we’ll miss those days

Tonight everything changes
Tonight everything goes (ohhh)

But the world keeps turning
Keeps my lost soul burning
And the waves come crashing down on me
Track Name: Your Anthem
Breaking hearts to heal yours
Always stays the same
Last time that we met you were.. playing the same game

Lovesongs as you anthem
Many know the words
You’ll never feel the guilt for all the lies that you have burned

Breakdown, breakdown
Breakdown, breakdown; thought you were calling my name
Breakdown, breakdown
Breakdown, breakdown; in the end I’ll swear

All this time, all this time you’ve forgotten me
Now your back and still think feelings are for free
We’ll not mine (not mine), not mine (not mine)
You’ll be the last in line
And I’m sure (I’m sure), I’m sure (I’m sure)
That counts for many more

Showing of for others
Stealing what’s not yours,
To greedy to goddamn to see you’re closing your own doors

Thought you would grow older
That this era would end
I hope that one you’ll receive the hate that I will send

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